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After starting their own budgeting and personal finance YouTube channels in 2021, a friendship quickly evolved when they began supporting and commenting on each other’s videos and Instagram pages. Realizing that they both had some of the same goals for their brand and the budgeting community, a new adventure sparked their interest. Despite never meeting in person and living more than 12 hours away from each other in totally different states, The Elevated Life Co. was created and business partners was added to their titles. The Elevated Life Co. is proud to be a small black-owned business that was inspired by two women entrepreneurs with a mission to help people reach their personal and financial goals!

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Brittany is a wife, educator, and proud mom to her energetic toddler son. After realizing that her family had over $175,000 worth of debt in 2020 (yes, you read that number right), she made the decision to become debt-free by 2025. To document her journey and to show others how, with faith, budgeting and setting goals changed her life, she created The Crafty Budgeter. Using her motto of “Create the Goal, Make a Plan, then Execute”, with faith, discipline, and sacrifice, Brittany has helped her family pay off over $85,000 worth of debt within two years. Brittany believes that The Elevated Life Co. is a great way to combine her experiences and passions to help and show others that personal finance and goal setting does not have to be hard or complex. It can actually be fun (two snaps)! Brittany loves all things crafts, Marvel Cinematic Universe, randomly singing on her YouTube channel, and reading a good dystopian or romance novel.

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Taylor is a mom to a beautiful and bossy toddler daughter, a Clinical Psychology graduate student, and works part-time as a Social Media Coordinator and podcaster for a small business. In January 2021, she manifested becoming financially educated and no longer living paycheck to paycheck, due to unhealthy spending habits. With over $140,000 in debt ($120,000 in student loans), she knew changes needed to be made...and quick! In February 2021, she started documenting her financial/budgeting journey on her YouTube channel, TaylorBudgets, inspiring and motivating others to save, pay off debt, and live their best life, even on a low income. Taylor wants The Elevated Life Co. to be a shining light for others to grow financially and mentally, no matter their situation, because with faith, anything is possible.Taylor enjoys all things relaxation, whether that’s binge watching a Netflix show or romantic comedies, eating good food, or spending time laughing with family and friends.



The Elevated Life Co. mission is to create a space where we can encourage, motivate, and inspire others to elevate their lives and reach their goals. We believe that your finances, mindset, and productivity go hand in hand when striving to be the best version of you! The Elevated Life Co. provides an opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, race, background, or income level, to start taking the necessary steps to live the life that they want to live!

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